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N444CW hangar



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Jettech STC Cessna Jet


PFD/MFD Split Screen
HSI Mapping
Charts | Weather | Traffic
GWX Radar Integration

G600/G700 TXi Primary Flight Display

CJ 1&2

CJ 1 and 2

Citation 550 560 560XL Primus 1000

Dual GTN’s WAAS LPV (650/750)

We can define a solution for your Cessna Citation flight deck.




FAA Data Comm Service


Increased Capabilities

    • CheckmarkImproved Safety
    • CheckmarkApproved SBAS/LPV Approaches
    • CheckmarkFAA DATA COMM
    • CheckmarkDigital AutoFlight
    • CheckmarkModern Radar


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OnWing is an FAA Certified Repair Station

(CRS2OWR084C) and a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association.

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OnWing Provides a Wide Range of Services to Meet All of Your Avionic Requirements

Avionics Solutions for
General, Corporate, & Regional Aviation

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Installation of Digital & Analog Autopilot Technology for Part 23 and Part 25. We can install products that match the aircraft design. Some examples are the Garmin G500, Garmin G600, S-Tech 3100 or the Avidyne DFC90.

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Flight Deck Displays

Installations for Full Digital Displays like the Garmin TXI G500, Garmin TXI G600, and the Garmin G3X.

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ADS-B Upgrades

For those that opted for the UAT systems and now want to advance there are many great solutions. Upgrade the legacy transponder, install a display, and use the ADS-B in products to their fullest. We can help you with a wide range of solutions.

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Intercom & Audio Systems

Communicate better and clearer than ever before with a brand new audio system. There are full-featured systems like the Garmin 350c and many more simple options that will improve your communication and take advantage of the latest headsets.

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Integrated Flight
Instrument Displays

There is a wide range primarily offered by Garmin for the light aircraft and  larger aircraft. Additionally, integration ofadvanced systems in legacy aircraft is a task where we can help you.

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Engineering & Certification

We recognize that each aircraft modification has unique intentions, therefore we are prepared in house to engineer a solution for you. OnWing has the correct talent on staff to help you. There is no downtime wasted from the day we receive the deposit to the day of delivery.

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Instrument Panel

Need to replace your old, worn, cracked, and fragile instrument panel? We can replace your current panel with a brand new tailor-made panel.

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Aircraft Battery Servicing

We can check, cycle and verify your aircraft battery. A specific report on your battery is provided so you will know exactly the health of your system.

Transport Aircraft Mod Team Projects

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SAAB340 Navigator Upgrade

ON WING LLC working to improve the performance of another SAAB340 Aircraft. Installing dual Garmin…

SAAB340 Mission Power System Install

On Wing LLC is proud to have installed the Aviation Repair Resources Mission Power STC…

Avionics Inspections

Saab 340 ADSB Upgrade

Garmin GTX 3000 transponders with GDL 88 GPS sensor

Authorized Dealer of These Fine Brands

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Want an Upgrade? Need a Repair?
Looking for a Custom Modification?

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