Recent Projects

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Panel Upgrade Projects

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Cessna 182 Garmin upgrade GI 275 GNX 375 GFC 500

A fine Cessna 182 was transformed in the modern day adventure using the Garmin GI…

Navion avionics custom panel upgrade.

Navion Garmin Flight Deck

Garmin’s G3X system along with the very capable G650xi brings a new future for this Navion, Integrating this to an STEC 55X autopilot makes the future bright for this iconic aircraft.

Bonanza avionics upgrade with Garmin.

A36 Bonanza Garmin G3X Display, COMM/NAV, & Autopilot

A panel upgrade in the A36 Bonanza provided a reduction of 35lbs and creation of panel real estate means this Bonanza is now very efficient.

Transport Aircraft Mod Team Projects

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Avionics Inspections

Saab 340 ADSB Upgrade

Garmin GTX 3000 transponders with GDL 88 GPS sensor

OnWing is an FAA Certified Repair Station

(CRS2OWR084C) and a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association.

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Avionics Inspections

OnWing’s skilled technicians are experienced and qualified to perform all inspections for all types of aircraft.

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Avionics Upgrades, Repairs, & Modifications

OnWing provides a complete overhaul of your electronic systems, simple upgrades, custom panel modifications, or repairs to your avionic units.

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