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Bonanza Aspen/Avidyne

Panel Upgrades

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This Aspen/Avidyne Upgrade is a proficient IFR pilot envisioned this significant integration. Using the power of an Avidyne IFD 540 Navigator and the capable Aspen PFD/EHSI this aircraft is ready for most any mission. Coupling this performance to a Century 4000 flight director autopilot provides a 365/24/7 mode of transportation.

More Panel Upgrades

Navion avionics custom panel upgrade.

Navion Garmin Flight Deck

Garmin’s G3X system along with the very capable G650xi brings a new future for this Navion, Integrating this to an STEC 55X autopilot makes the future bright for this iconic aircraft.

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Bonanza avionics upgrade with Garmin.

A36 Bonanza Garmin G3X Display, COMM/NAV, & Autopilot

This panel upgrade in the A36 Bonanza provided a reduction of 35lbs and creation of panel real estate means this Bonanza is now a very efficient platform. This will serve the owners for years to come.

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Cessna instrument panel upgrade with Garmin avionics.

Cessna 172 Garmin

Combining decades traditional equipment with Today’s Brand New systems; we’ve taken on installing a gorgeous Dual G5 System for a digital Attitude Indicator & a digital Horizon Situation Indicator (EHSI). Along with the G5s comes a GTN 750, a sleek Multi-Function Display that is the heart of our com/nav system displaying traffic and weather from the GTX 345 Transponder, one of Garmin’s most popular items. Finally a highly compatible GFC 500 Autopilot that controls Roll, Pitch, Pitch-Trim, & Yaw for a smooth and stress free flight to your destination.

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